UK Konkans is a Cultural Association based in London, dedicated to bring together all Mangalorean Christians living in and around London.

There are no confirmed details as to when the first Manglaorean Christians arrived in the UK for settlement. Our initial enquiry suggested that it was only in late seventies some Mangaloreans arrived for unskilled jobs. However, globalization and demand opened the doors for skilled workforce from the developing countries to the developed countries. Doctors, Nurses and IT personnel were the first one to grab this opportunity.

However, like any other community, Mangaloreans who arrived in the beginning of this century, found themselves isolated and cut off from the society. That’s when they started looking for other Mangaloreans close to their dwelling places. It is documented that Mangaloreans would meet in small groups during any family functions or religious ceremonies. The only occasion where Mangaloreans would gather in large numbers was for Nativity Feast organized by one of the well known families in the UK- Mrs & Mr Richard Lobo at their residence.

In the early years of 21st Century, few families who had just arrived in the UK decided to form an association to bring together Mangalorean Christians under one roof. It was on 14th of November 2004, the association was formally inaugurated by Rev Fr Maurice D'Souza csc, and the Association was christianed as ‘UK Konkans’. On the same day, it was decided to run a website under the name and style of ‘’.

In order to identify themselves as part of a family and facilitate easy communication, it was suggested to register the members for a nominal one time Membership fee of £10 per family. It was also decided to elect/nominate office bearers for every two years to run the affairs of the association on a day to day basis.

  • Our motto is – Konkani Ulai ani Konkani Urai
  • Our core values are  to promote the Konkani language by speaking Konkani as is reasonably practical, conduct meetings in Konkani, teach and encourage our children to speak in Konkani
  • Our strength is to work as a family.
  • Our commitment is to maintain cordial relations with all community groups serving the Mangaloreans.
  • Our promise is to work selflessly to maintain our culture and traditions, family relationships, respect for to all and transparency at all times

Committees Over The Years