UK Konkans held its Annual General Meeting on 10 February 2013 to elect their new committee for 2013-15.

The meeting started with a prayer by Raphael D’Souza. Eric D’Souza welcomed the members. Annual Report circulated to the members was taken as read and approved.

Esthela Vaz was unanimously elected as President and she becomes the first woman President of UK Konkans.

The new committee was formed comprising the following members:
Esthela Vaz - President
Arun Coutinho - Vice President
Alice D’Souza - Secretary
Beena D’Souza - Cultural Secretary
Praveen D’Costa - Joint Cultural Secretary
Thomas D’Souza - Treasurer
Kevin Madtha - Public Relations Secretary
Melwyn Vaz, Thomas D’Souza, Edward Fernandes and Herald D’Souza - Web Admin Team

Esthela Vaz thanked the outgoing committee and immediately set out her plans for the new term. She emphasised that she is very passionate about working for the Konkani community and that there would be increased opportunities to Mangalorean children in various cultural activities.

The new committee has confirmed their picnic in July 2013 and Christmas function will be held on 8 December 2013. A core committee was also formed to organise and assist in the forthcoming UK Konkans events.