UK Konkans Chistmas 2013 Spreads Smiles! Cheers! and Happiness!
By: Kevin Madtha | Pics: Collin, Eric and Gratian
09 December, 2013: UK Konkans, the premier Mangalorean organisation in the UK celebrated its annual Christmas programme with grandeur and to a full house on 8 December 2013 at the Addlestone community centre.

xmas 2013
xmas 2013
xmas 2013
xmas 2013

The Christmas celebrations started with all the children being invited to join in with the Christmas carol singing accompanied by live music provided by UK Konkans boy band. These angelic voices backed by fantastic live band showed the talent within the UK Konkans children. This was followed by a Christmas Tableau by the younger kids and pretty dancers which depicted the nativity of our Lord. What a perfect way to commence this years Christmas celebration!

xmas 2013
xmas 2013

The master of ceremony Tom D’Souza and Shanti Menezes welcomed the guest and presented a fantastic show. They connected well with the audience with lovely one liners, jokes and presented lots of novelty spot prizes. They invited UK Konkans first woman president Esthela Vaz on the stage, who then introduced her entire team that has worked tirelessly to achieve this success.

xmas 2013
xmas 2013

The theme of this years celebration was “Share a smile” and what a better way to do it than by supporting a good cause. Home made Kuswar was sold to raise money for Seon Ashram in Belthangady, Karnataka, a charity that provides care of psychiatric patients, the aged and the education of poor children. More details of this charitable organisation can be found at

xmas 2013

The stage was set alight with performances and skits that kept everyone well entertained throughout.

Many thanks to our fantastic performers and contributors:

xmas 2013
-Denika’s beautiful dance performance on Ghagra song

xmas 2013
-Eric, Herald, Tom and Praveen for the Dukor Peddy skit

xmas 2013
- Tia Dsouza for enthusiastic dance on Anarkali Disco Chali

xmas 2013
- Glenish and Glenston for their excellent moves on the 2013 Bollywood medley

xmas 2013
xmas 2013
-The two stunning Nagins - Beena and Stella who got the whole crowd grooving to the latest Bollywood numbers

xmas 2013
- Eric, Harry/Shanti/Gratian providing lunchtime entertainment with their singing with live band of Elton, Elroy and Hebroyn
- Stella, Thomas and Arun for their honeymoon skit
- Elvira, Elvita, Cimona and Diyona for their beautifully choreographed dance of Aaja Nachle
- Tom and Raphael for their marvellous drunken act
- Melwyn, Eric and Herald provided scintillating music that kept the party going full steam
- Beena D’Souza for the costumes and presentation of the Christmas Tableau
- The Kuswar making team who took time out of their busy lives to support a worthy cause
- To all the volunteers who helped set up and decorate the stage, photography, manning the free bar, serve food and overwhelming help for clearing the hall after the event

We appreciate your contribution and Dev Borem Khorum to each one of you.

We would specially thank our main sponsors Mr and Mrs Lobo along with our co-sponsors - Wales Auto for sponsoring kids costumes and gifts, Dr Cyprian and family, Dr Michael and family, Dr Derek and family for their contributions. We are also thankful to all those who have sponsored in kind through gifts and other items including wine and champagne. Our thank you also goes to Kevin Madtha for sponsoring this year's Christmas Raffle Prize.

There were shiny and smiling faces everywhere, and the attendees were having a lot of fun interacting with fellow Mangaloreans and acquaintances . All guest took active part in the Christmas Bible quiz which was a good way to refresh the word of God during advent.

After building a very good appetite with lots of dancing, good music and games, the sumptuous buffet with Pork Sorpotel, chicken curry, veg Korma, chicken fry, Kheer was thoroughly enjoyed by the guests.

xmas 2013
The arrival of Santa Claus added true Christmas spirit to the event as large number children who were waiting eagerly welcomed Santa with enthusiasm. Santa, on his part, did not disappoint the eager kids and distributed sweets to all.

There were winners all around with the massive gift hamper won by Richard Menezes, other prizes were follow on prizes, housie prizes and a variety of spot prizes.

xmas 2013
The party ended with a dance session followed by Mangalorean Baila. All left very satisfied and with heaps of praises to the organisers for bringing out such a lovely programme.

Next year being our tenth anniversary, We promise to do even better, in keeping up the rich culture & traditions of Mangalore.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.
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Rev. Clifford on 28 December 2013 05:47:26 GMT

Hi, president and all organizers,

Best wishes of Christmas season.

It appears, that you have done a wonderful job. The pics and narration - gives an impression that this time the Christmas was well organized and participation was good. Congrats and best of luck for all your future plans. A good committed team - is really a tonic for any association ! GOD BLESS

Rev. Clifford

Felcia Pinto on 16 December 2013 21:21:55 GMT

Hi Stella & Uk Konkan Team

Congradulations & well done!

I think this year looks like a super hit celebration , impressed ith your

fund raising event & fun filled activities .

Lovely photographes too..Which reminds us the true christmas spirit.

Bod bless & Merry Xmas to you all....

sammy on 12 December 2013 13:36:18 GMT

Very beautifullly done every one looks happy and seems to be enjoying themselves.

Kevin & Mini on 11 December 2013 19:00:50 GMT

Perfect start to the Christmas season. Very friendly crowd. lots of kids and good job by the organisers. Thanks for sharing a smile.

Raphael & Margaret D'Souza on 11 December 2013 18:29:24 GMT

Congratulations to the entire team for organising such a wonderful programme. The capacity crowd and participation of children with parents in various activities is the testimony of success of the event. It is good see so many young children taking part in various activities. Christmas Tableau was fantastic. The overwhelming response to Charity Kuswar sale shows how passionate are Londoners about helping the needy back home. Hope to see many more such events.

Alice D'souza on 11 December 2013 18:07:02 GMT

Well done ukkonkans, it was a very good team work and a great success.

Many thanks for the beautiful crowd who had lovely time with us. It was a great pleasure to meet all mangalorians from uk. It was a memorable day.

Best wishes from,

Eric, Elton and Elroy D'souza.

Irene Lobo on 11 December 2013 17:14:47 GMT

Lovely party, well organized ukkonkans team,

Enjoyed all the fun and dance.Looking forward to see more events like this

Irene Lobo on 11 December 2013 14:47:43 GMT

Uk konkans team well done. Nicely cordinated and organized programmes, enjoyed all the fun and dance, lovely crowd, thanks to the charity work. Hope to see more programmes like this.....

Joel on 11 December 2013 01:22:50 GMT

Congrats U.K. Konkan Organizers and all the participants. It's a delight to see you sharing the Christmas Joy and enjoying. Lovely photos and well organized program. May this Christmas Joy continue to reign in your minds and hearts.

Tom Dsouza on 10 December 2013 19:30:17 GMT

Thanks to all enthusiastic crowd, the programme well received and It was a wonderful celebration and a chance to meet all fellow mangaloreans. A Great Teamwork.

Irene on 10 December 2013 19:15:53 GMT

Very nice program,. Enjoyed the dancing and quiz. Nice idea of raising money for charity. Good team and very enjoyable day.

Gracy Fernandis on 10 December 2013 18:50:13 GMT

Good Programm, Nice stage decoration, Great Dance,Good team work. good cordination from MC.

Big Croud,lots of spot prizes, we Enjoyed the Day.. Keep up your good work, Good idea of raising funds to Poor, tasty Manglorean Kuswar?? Hats off UkKonkans!!!

Nilesh Gomes. Muscat on 10 December 2013 17:49:52 GMT

Dear Stella and UK Konkans

Nice pictures. Looks like a well organised programme. I am sure it was a super duper hit programme.

Wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year In advance.

Gladys Richardson on 10 December 2013 15:54:02 GMT

MY heart filled thanks to Kankan's team. It was out standing. I really enjoyed it. My special thanks to Stella last minute allowing me to com to the party. And thanks to wincey giving me Stella's Phone number. I like the way Konkani's team thoughts for poor people. May God bless and make all of you prosper. My heart filled prayers with Kankan's team. We like to have more people like Stella. I wish every one joy and happiness illuminate every ones life like x mas tree. Wishing every one merry x mass.

Jerri on 10 December 2013 15:18:41 GMT

Hello UK Konkans. I am sure you had a wonderful celebration. I have fond memories of my participation, actually I had won the gift hamper that year. Well done UK Konkans. God bless.

Lavina - Dubai on 10 December 2013 09:24:10 GMT

Hi Stella & Team, It's look like well organized & successful program. Good keep up the good team work. Cheers.

praveendcosta on 09 December 2013 18:06:43 GMT

Congrats Stella and U.K.Konkans team,Back to back two successful programs. It was a Fantastic day.

UK Konkans Chistmas 2013 Spreads Smiles! Cheers! and Happiness!

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