UK Konkans holds Annual Summer Picnic 2014 with even more fun
By: Kevin Madtha | Pics: Melwyn and Tom
25 August, 2014: UK Konkans, the association of families and friends of Mangalorean community held its annual picnic in Richmond Park on 24th August 2014. The picnic had the ultimate goal for Mangaloreans from all walks of life to come together and have fun in a friendly atmosphere. The lovely weather and the beautiful location added to the enthusiasm and energy of the friends gathered for the picnic.

2014 Summer Picnic

The picnic began with an informal welcome by President Stella Vaz and then followed by a delicious Mangalorean breakfast consisting of Phow. Attendees were into two teams Red and Green who would then compete during the various games and activities.

2014 Summer Picnic
2014 Summer Picnic

The first activity was the under 7s balancing the bean bags on the head followed by the under 12s balancing the ban bags on their foot.

2014 Summer Picnic

The mood really got going with the dodge ball game where each team had to get the opposite team members out within a given time.

The family event consisted of sack race each for adults and children, lemon and spoon and three legged race relay which was very entertaining. The teenager game of over and under was very competitive right up to the finish line.

To keep the energy levels high members joined in to savour a traditional homemade Mangalorean lunch of Sannas, Sambhar and chutney served by UK Konkans. There was also a variety of beverages made available members to enjoy.

The group celebrated President Stella Vaz's birthday. Everyone got together to sing and wish her a very happy birthday. Everyone enjoyed the delicious cake.

Other games such as horse race, lagoree and breaking of overhead pot were participated in full enthusiasm. Tug of war was enjoyed by all men, ladies and children who pulled with all their strength and might to secure a win and point for their teams.

There were impromptu games of rounders, football and cricket that various groups enjoyed.

The day came to a close with a round of lively Antakshari (medley) where members sang songs in Konkani, Kanada, Tulu and Hindi.

To the very end all members enjoyed so much that it did not matter that the red team won as everyone returned home with winning memories of the fun filled day.

Over the years, UK Konkans has earned a reputation for hosting both indoor and outdoor fun filled events and its members look forward to the next occasion where they can come together, enjoy and network with fellow Mangaloreans.

Our special thanks to each and every one who contributed towards:
- preparing the delicious Phow for breakfast
- preparing soft and tasty sannas
- cooking the tasty Sambhar which was in great demand
- planning and constructing the structure for the pot breaking game
- contributing and conducting the various games, including lagori
- all attendees for their co-operation throughout the day and leaving the area in a spic and span condition before departure
- organisers for the well organised games and all their efforts for another successful picnic

Date for your diaries: December 14, 2014 - 10th Anniversary Celebration along with Christmas 2014 celebration.

2014 Summer Picnic
2014 Summer Picnic
2014 Summer Picnic
2014 Summer Picnic
2014 Summer Picnic
2014 Summer Picnic
2014 Summer Picnic
2014 Summer Picnic
Viewer Comments
Fr. Joel Rosario on 13 September 2014 15:23:02 GMT

Congratulations to the organizers and the participants. You seems to have had a wonderful day. Nice to see you all participating enthusiastically in different games. Keep it up. Have many more such events.

william lobo on 05 September 2014 21:24:18 GMT

congratulations and thank you to the U K konkans for a super successful picnic. It was really such great day, we enjoyed every minute of it.

william lobo on 05 September 2014 21:22:18 GMT

congratulations and thank you to the U K konkans for a super successful picnic. It was really such great day, we enjoyed every minute of it.

Hazel Pinto on 05 September 2014 18:07:59 GMT

Firstly thank you to Natalia aunty for introducing me to so many fellow mangaloreans. I feel delighted each time i visit london and meet so many people from my hometown. I enjoyed myself thoroughly in the picnic. Nice weather, good food, great company, everything was perfect.



Loreen Quadros on 05 September 2014 15:46:06 GMT

Thank you organizers for arranging such a wonderful fun filled day and delicious food. Had a lovely time.

Eric D'souza on 01 September 2014 15:50:02 GMT

Nice photographs, I hope everyone had a lovely time. I missed this opportunity as i was on holiday. Well done UK Konkans

Anet D'souza on 27 August 2014 10:47:27 GMT

Thank you UKKonkan team for organising such a lovely picnic with nice food.We had a great day filled with fun and joy.

Natalia Barboza on 26 August 2014 21:45:56 GMT

Dear Stella And team,it was beautiful day with lovely people,we had truly wonderful time,thanks a lot,looking forward to meeting. Soon,godbless,love and regards.

Raphael D'souza on 26 August 2014 16:51:18 GMT

The location was fantastic with free car park and toilet facilities. Well done organisers and the youth Captains for leading your team in various games. Thanks to Gods of Weather too for sunny and warm Sunday weather.

Lavina on 26 August 2014 10:00:32 GMT

waaaw, Very well done. Nice Picture, new sporty games. Especially for kids. Impressed. Good Luck ukkonkans.

Rogina Dsouza Dubai on 25 August 2014 21:31:48 GMT

I wish I could have extended my holidays. I missed this opportunity.very nice weather.Nice picture.yummy food.sporty games.last but not least my lovely Sisters birthday.good luck ukkonkans.keep it up.hoping to meet you all soon.

Tom Dsouza on 25 August 2014 18:43:06 GMT

Well Done UK Konkans for yet another memorable picnic. It was a fantastic outing and everyone had fun, especially kids had lot of fun. Glorious weather helped to make it a great success.

UK Konkans holds Annual Summer Picnic 2014 with even more fun

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