Scintillating Christmas Celebrations by UK Konkans in London
By: Raphael D'Souza | Pics: Sylvester
22 December, 2015: UK Konkans a leading association for Konkani speaking community in London, for the 11th year in the succession hosted the much awaited Christmas get-together. Each year the standard of planning and execution is taken to yet another level. If last year’s celebration excelled in every department, this year’s Christmas celebration was hailed as one of the best in the history of UK Konkans. The warm weather which is very unusual at this time of the year, was a blessing in disguise for the Christmas celebration which was held on 20th December in Addlestone Community Centre.

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A country where the true spirit of Christmas has lost its true meaning in the commercialisation, the young children aged 3 to 10, showed that there is still hope to celebrate Jesus’ birth and love.

The program started with carol singing followed by Tableau.

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While Eitan narrated the events of the silent and Holy night, with children as young as 5 years acting out the characters of Mary, Joseph, Shepherds and three wise kings. It was touching to see 3 year old Zoe Dsouza acting as star of Bethlehem and Simran and Ethan acting as Mary and Joseph cuddling baby Jesus.

Tom D’Souza, the charismatic and energetic President of UK Konkans, introduced his team of officer bearers and highlighted the support his team and the volunteers extended for the success of the event. He also emphasised the message of Christmas - Love is patient and Love is kind. He also reminded that Christmas brings families and friends together which is one of the aims of UK Konkans. He welcomed the sponsors and guests.

Gharba Video

Dohl Baaje Video

Fusion by Tia

Well choreographed Garba dance played Konkan ladies, Shanthi, Ruma, Clara, Sheela, Charlotte and Pinki with colourful attire to the tune of ‘Hosanna Hosanna’ song won the hearts of the crowd.

The teenage sensation, Danika Pinto performed a scintillating dance routine for the tune of Dhol Bhaaje. The young UK Konkans star of the future, Tia D’souza, with her dance for the song ‘Fusion of Manwa Laage/Ambarsariya’ showed the glimpse of what is to come in the future.

Classic Disco Video

The highlight of the day was couple dance with 80s to 90s Disco. Charlotte & Sylvester started the tempo followed by Alice & Eric D’Souza. When Melwyn invited the disco couples to dance with the crowd, entire hall with young and old were on the dance floor.

Thomas D’Souza led the grace before meal before the delicious Mangalorean Cuisine prepared by Mangalorean Chef Naveen was served. When children were served food, elders helped themselves in open bar.

Shanthi Sings

Gratian Sings

Zaithe Thornate Song Video

During lunch, Gratian D’Silva, Shanthi Menezes , Eric D’Souza, Herald D’Souza and Edgar Pinto sang Konkani and Kannada songs.

Marriage Repairs Video

The Marriage Counselling skit by Tom D’Souza, Eric D’Souza, Thomas D’Souza, Stella Vaz and Shanthi Menezes filled the hall with laughter.

The most awaited and popular guest with Children Father Christmas entered the hall with Jingle bells music in the background. Santa treated the children with sweets.

Glensish and Glenston Dance

The duo of D’Silva brothers Glenish and Glenston, who have been giving dance performance for last 11 years did not disappoint the crowd with their popular steps.

Modern Disco Dance

Gratian and Sheela D’Silva with their classical movements and Anuj and Ruma Shrivatsava with Punjabi songs made the people to tap their feet. The guests who came with the dancing shoes were not disappointed because Gratia/Sheela and Anuj/Ruma pair came to the floor to invite the crowd to dance with them.

UK Konkans which has been supporting various charities over the years, dedicated this year’s Kuswar Sale to ‘Snehalaya’ a Mangalorean Charity that provides shelter and food to orphans, beggars and poor patients of Wenloc hospital.

Mrs and Mr Richard Lobo, the well known Mangalorean entrepreneur couple, impressed by children’s performances awarded all the children with individual presents and encouraged them to continue with their interest in cultural activities.

Shanthi Menezes, the Secretary of UK Konkans thanked the main sponsors Mrs Sheela and Mr Gratian D’Silva, Mrs Christine and Mr Lobo and Vincent Menezes of Diamond Kitichen and Bedrooms, Slough for their sponsorship. She also thanked Mrs Mini and Mr Kevin Madtha for the Christmas Hamper and all the members of Kuswar team and volunteers.

She gave a special thanks to energetic and young President for the planning, coordinating and making the event successful.

Customary to every UK Konkans event, entire hall joined for Baila dance.

Melwyn Vaz compered the event.
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Namrata Paes on 10 March 2016 10:30:16 GMT

Very nice. Sounds lovely. How can I contact chef Naveen?

Kevin and family on 31 December 2015 20:03:15 GMT

UK Konkans have done it again , all the feedback suggest that it was a great program , unfortunately we missed it this year. Great work by all the performers and thanks to all who work in the background . Have a happy new year.

Sheela D'Silva on 24 December 2015 00:13:00 GMT

Well done UKKONKANS team....great programme...well participants from children to adult !!

Kudos to our active president 😃. .

Proud to be a part of UKKONKANS. .


Tom Dsouza on 23 December 2015 15:35:49 GMT

It was great to see all Mangaloreans coming together to celebrate UK Konkans Christmas event. The event was organised and enjoyed with true Christmas Spirit. Thank you all for making this event a memorable one. God bless UK Konkans.

Esthela Vaz on 23 December 2015 08:31:04 GMT

Thanks to all. Excellent Feed back from the guest, everyone enjoyed the dance,Singing and stage play. food was delicious. Kuswar sale for charity was great success. God bless to Team UKkonkans.

Alice Dsouza on 23 December 2015 00:31:45 GMT

Indeed we had great time. Thanks for everyone making this event so special and successful. Love you all ukkonkan members.

Alice, Eric, Elton and Elroy.

Scintillating Christmas Celebrations by UK Konkans in London

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