UK Konkans elect New Committee for 2017-2019
By: Raphael D'Souza | Pics: Team UK Konkans
10 April, 2017: UK Konkans, a leading Mangalorean Christian Association in the UK, held its Biennial General Meeting on 1st April 2017 to elect the new committee for 2017-19.

The meeting started with a prayer by President-Tom D’Souza and he welcomed the members. He thanked everyone for their whole hearted support during the last two years of his Presidency. He also informed that the success of the programmes were evident from the wonderful feedback received from the general public. Besides providing cultural programmes of highest standard, UK Konkans also provided financial support to the charities in Mangalore-Snehalaya and Asha Nilaya.

Edgar Pinto, the treasurer read out the financial report and was approved by the members. Sheela D’Silva was unanimously elected as President for 2017-2019. She becomes the second female President of UK Konkans. The new committee was formed comprising of following members:


Sheela D’Silva - President
Clara Teixeira – General Secretary
Shanthi Menezes-Joint Secretary
Kevin Madtha - Cultural Secretary
Tom D’Souza – Treasurer
Estella Vaz – Public Relations Officer
Melwyn Vaz – Web Administrator
Cultural Committee: Kevin Madtha, Eric D’Souza and Charlotte Madtha

In order to encourage young members of the UK Konkans, a Youth Committee was formed comprising of Royceston D’Souza, Glenish D’Silva, Glanston D’Silva, Elton D’Souza, Denica Pinto, Hebroin D’Souza and Ewan Vaz.

The new President requested the support and cooperation from the members and the Konkani community to carry on the good work of Tom D’Souza. She also requested community members to mark the dates- 16th July 2017 for Konkan Picnic and 10th December 2017 for Christmas Celebration.
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John Peter Fernandes on 29 April 2017 16:31:49 GMT

Congratulations Sheela on being elected as a president of UK Konkans and all the office bearers. All the best. God bless you all.

Herman D'Souza on 10 April 2017 21:39:01 GMT

Hearty Congratulations to the New Committee and the Best of Luck

And a Big Thank you to the Outgoing Committee

Kind regards

Herman D'Souza

Esthela Vaz on 10 April 2017 20:09:27 GMT

Congratulations to Sheela and Team.I am sure you will come up with great Ideas and encourage our team achieve lot of success in future upcoming events. You are a great Leader. Best of Luck.

Alice D'souza on 10 April 2017 19:32:14 GMT

Congratulations to all new committe members.

Love from Alice,Eric,Elton and Elroy.

UK Konkans elect New Committee for 2017-2019

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