UK Konkans Summer Picnic Held On 7th July
By: Clara Teixeira | Pics: Tom and Sylvester
15 July, 2018: UK Konkans held their 2018 Konkan Picnic on the 7th of July. This event was planned about 3 months ago hoping that the rain gods would not play spoilsport. In continuing with the hot spell since last month, Saturday, 7th July 2018 turned out to be a hot and sunny with not a cloud in sight. Frimley park in deep Surrey countryside was the secluded venue for BBQ in an open field. A beautiful canopy of trees provided shade and shelter from the glorious sunshine.

Picnic 2018

The organisers gathered well before 10.30 am to do the initial set up of Gazebo's and to light up the BBQ's. Despite England's world cup game, the great response from the community was well appreciated by all.

Organisers & the Committee welcomed the attendees, their families and friends. The picnic was a free event generally funded by leftover Christmas funds and contributions on the day.

While the men took over BBQ cooking mouth-watering meat that had been marinated by various families the ladies helped set the picnic tables and the kids took over the play area.
Unlike in the past, it was decided not to divide the participants into teams. This was done so everyone could enjoy the games without a competitive environment.. However, captains were selected for individual team events.

Picnic 2018

Volunteers helped in conducting the games which were enjoyed by all. Cricket was the first game for the morning after members and guests had feasted on their burgers and home made chicken. After refreshments, Dodge ball game followed inviting both young and old to play together in two different groups.

Picnic 2018

Delicious biryani with homemade raita and variety of summer salads were served for lunch thanks to our ladies.

Post lunch, it was a mixed Tug of war for men and women. This was a closely fought contest. Lots of beer and cheer was enjoyed listening to the World Cup Football commentary with England playing Sweden.

Picnic 2018

This was then followed by a game of Housie well supported by everyone . There were various prizes but most of the winners were kind and generous enough to donate the money back to UK Konkans fund.

This was then followed by a sack race for boys and potato and spoon race for girls for the younger children who really gave it their all. Everyone was a winner.
Finally, the Indian rural game ‘Lagori’ (hitting 7 tiles with a tennis ball) was played and raised all the participants enthusiasm.

Picnic 2018

Picnic 2018

Due to the soaring heat some of the games were modified to cope with the hot weather.
As the sun was setting President Sheila on behalf of UK Konkans proposed the vote of thanks.

All in all, the picnic was an excellent package of great fun, fantastic weather, excellent location, sumptuous food, chilled refreshments and most importantly a loud and cheerful crowd.

Date to your Diary – UK Konkans' Christmas Programme is on 9th of December 2018 at Addlestone Community Centre.
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UK Konkans Summer Picnic Held On 7th July

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