Grand Celebration of Konkan Day by UK Konkans
By: Team UK Konkans | Pics: Team UK Konkans
17 July, 2011: Weather Gods were exceptionally generous on to UK Konkans on Sunday. It turned out to be one of the cool and best days of the week.The concept of this cultural event started back in 2005, and still continues to attract Manglorean Christians from all over the UK. Mangaorean from all corners of the UK gathered at Addlestone Community Centre despite severe weather warnings of heavy rains. Their enthusiasm showed their love for Konkani language and Mangalorean Culture and celebrate Konkan Day 2011.

The programme started with the Welcome address by President – Eric D’Souza. He introduced the energetic, Vibrant and multi-talented ex-President of MUKA, Nottingham - Sunil D’Cunha who took over as compere for the days proceedings.

Tom D’Souza, Secretary of UK Konkans read the annual report followed by introduction of new members who joined during 2010-11.

The crowd was invited to take part in Konkan March to the sound of country band Music. The march ended with a couple dancing to a slow number.

The MC ensured that kids are not bored by inviting them to a unique game of Simon Says but with a twist conducted by Melwyn Vaz.

Eric, Stella and Alice played a hilarious Konkani Skit ‘Mortalyaso Kumsar (Confession of dying person).

Adults joined to play the traditional game ‘Passing the Parcel, but with a twist’.

As it customary, no cultural event is complete without a ‘Bollywood Dance’; Beena D’Souza, showed that there is no dearth of talented Mangaloreans in the UK. Young Joanna danced to the beats of Chama Chamma.

Tom Dsouza and Shanthi Menezes entertained the crowd with a very humorous Konkani Skit – "Naka Jallo Sairo".

Young and old joined the Alphbet game that helped people to loosen their legs. Both D'Sliva brothers -Glenish and Glenston continue to show their dancing skills, this time they danced to the tune of "Oh Mere Khuda" from the Bollywood movie Prince.

Tom Dsouza and Eric D'Souza kept the crowd entertained with their short skits and jokes.

Fr Manoj invoked God’s Blessing on the beautifully laid Mangalorean Cuisine. While the guests savoured the food, dance enthusiasts were invited to the floor.

Renowned singer Johnson Crasta joined voices with Sunil D'Cunha to render the high and fast paced song "Yo Moga Ye Go" that drew huge appreciation and applause from the audience. Johnson sang a further song inviting all couples to do the waltz.

Konkan Bhavan – a comedy skit played by Raphael, Eric, Gratian, Harry and Tom reminded people of the Mangalorean restaurants run by Konkanas.

Tia D'Souza sang a number from Selena Gomez album ‘ A year without you’. The budding musicians of UK Konkans - Elton and Hebroin played Guitar and drums to the applauds of the crowd. Yet another skit from Stella and Praveen kept people laughing till the end.

The organisers felicitated all the children who performed on the stage. Sunil D’cunha and Johnson Crasta were also felicitated by the organisers.

Raphael D’Souza thanked each and every one who contributed to the success of Konkan Day 2011.
Tom and Raphael conducted the ‘Tambola’ game followed by traditional Mangalorean special ‘Baila Dance.

Like all good things to come to an end the ‘Konkan Day 2011’ ended with a very high note. Most of the guests were generous with praise and encouragement.

Dr Veeda and Cyprian commented ‘Our entire family enjoyed the event, it is very well planned and presented’. Fr Manoj SJ has all the praise for the organisers - ‘ I felt at home. The event had all ingredients for the family entertainment’ he commented. Arun Coutinho was very generous with his appreciation - ‘Of several other events I attended in many other places in the UK, I found today's programme was the Best’. Dr Derek promised attend all future programmes of the UK Konkans. The best comment came from Eugine Dias the proprietor of Palms of Goa Resturarants in London -I am glad that I am supporting such a fantastic association’ he said.

UK Konkans extend their heartfelt gratitude to Eugene Dias, Dr. Derick D'Souza, Dr. Cyprian Mendonca, Kevin Madtha and Cutinho family for their sponsorship. The office bearers thank all volunteers for their assistance and support extended to make this event a great success.

Nett bar proceeds from the generous donations received have been committed to Manasa Rehabilitation and Training Centre, A Charitable Trust.
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Judith Pereira on 22 July 2011 06:02:42 GMT

Congratulations to Ukkonkans...I can see your hardwork for the community,Nice pictures,Good act in konkani,yummy food,childrens Dance,I wish I could have been there to watch my friends and familys acting.weldone.keep up your good work for Konkanni community.collect more money for charity as well.

Johnson Crasta on 21 July 2011 09:59:53 GMT

Yes Jerri, we missed you at the event which was vibrant and as colourful as my T-shirt on the stage ;0)

Still keep wondering how did you miss that one! ;0) Look forward to having you around the next time, Fr. Globe-trotter!

matilda and william lobo, liverpool on 20 July 2011 16:55:22 GMT

congradulations on the very well organized event.The report describes the function in detail and is a pleasure to read

keep up the good work.

Fr. Joel Rosario on 19 July 2011 06:18:55 GMT

Congratulations U.K. Konkans. Nice to see you all gathered together to celebrate the Konkan Day. The photographs show that you had good time and great fun. It's really great.

Glen Pinto on 18 July 2011 21:09:36 GMT

beautiful people, nice pictures, I really enjoyed. Happy to see my cousins enjoying the party (elton & elroy).

Grace...New York on 18 July 2011 21:03:21 GMT

Hi looks like y'all had a grand celebration...this konkan party reminds me of Mangalore...photographs are awesome...thanks for sharing with us...colourful costumes, lovely music, great performance, dancing etc., etc.,...y'all totally rocking...thanks once again .... keep posting more photographs & videos.

suman violet baqrboza on 18 July 2011 06:49:52 GMT

very nice pictures.may be u all had nice fun over there.i like all these also is very good.thanks

Jerri Dias on 17 July 2011 22:40:59 GMT

Congratulations. I am sure your day was fun and enjoyable. I am glad Johnson Crasta sang for you all. I missed it a lot.

Grand Celebration of Konkan Day by UK Konkans

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